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     We have accumulated tens-years experience in the development of industrial weighing scale. From traditional mechanical scale to current digital scale, we are always pursuing precise, stable, speedy weighing system and extend the usage time limit under terrible using situation. In one aspect, we actively absorb new foreign estimation technology. In other aspect, we try to improve new devices and purchase our own dedicated checking equipment (100KG Non-rust iron weight OIML C3 Class) 30 tons cast iron weight and high-accuracy weight testing and checking accuracy of one-to-ten-thousand (the same class to the standard bureau) device. 45 tons of full trailer checking vehicle. We expect that we can achieve complete checking standard during the weight checking process. Yuan-Gang believes that only profession, honesty, and efforts service attitude can keep the smoothness of  marinating a plant and can explore the extension of new business.

Future Perspective

     When you purchase the weighing devices, we can provide all-aspects system service and support. In this way, you can get best feedback from your investment. Also, we provide you the latest industry technology and standard for effectively developing the required products. When you need fixing service, we not only provide professional technology, but also provide reasonable charging to make sure you can get best economic effect during each fixing.


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