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Germany System Digital Truck Scale

Digital Load Cell of HBM in Germany is adopted. Whole combination is imported directly from Germany and of guaranteed using, 30 month.

With complete functionality! Arguments setting and saving can be achieved through the software provided by HBM company. No weight is needed to correct weighting. Remote checking is also available.

{Side Forces Compensation}---------------------------------------------

When the structure get struck but the position receiving force not in center point, trucks can still pass and get precise weight without damaging.

{Complete Waterproof}  -------------------------------------------------
Airtight iron structure can prevent from the damaging of moisture and terrible environment. Verified by IP68 and IP69!

{High Precision and Quick Calculation} -----------------------------------
Resolution of HBM digital load cell achieves up to 1 million. Setting arbitrarily weight and sense of three segments can show the inner resolution of the load cell.
{Complete Protection from Thunder} ------------------------------------
HBM guarantee that it works well (including thunder striking) for 30 months.
The output is in RS-485 digital signal. There will be less interference often happened in old analog output. The transmission can achieve 1200m.

Code Capacity type size force area surface structure
BST-750 30-50T Tunnel 3 X 7.5m 2 concrete / steel 
BST-900 30-50T Tunnel 3 X 9m 2 concrete / steel
BST-1200 40-60T Tunnel 3 X 12m 3 concrete / steel
BST-1500 100T Tunnel 3 X 15m 3 concrete / steel
BST-1800 120T Tunnel 3 X 18m 4 concrete / steel
BSF-750 30-50T Bridge 3 X 7.5m 2 concrete / steel
BSF-900 30-50T Bridge 3 X 9m 2 concrete / steel
BSF-1200 40-60T Bridge 3 X 12m 3 concrete / steel
BSF-1500 100T Bridge 3 X 15m 3 concrete / steel
BSF-1800 120T Bridge 3 X 18m 4 concrete / steel

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