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Fully Automatic Packing Machine

TECNO TB pscking system can arrange, fill, and heal (by passing electricity current through the plastic bag). This automatic packing system has the advantages: High Tech and easy design. The construction of hardware comprises side effect monitoring, and the stability of machine is thus promised. Meanwhile, the machine can precisely position the movement. This machine can handle all kinds of small powder (sugar, corn etc.). There are three versions: 600, 900 or 1200 bag/hour. The operation of TECNO TB comprises the following steps: automatic spreading of powders to proper length for packing bags, and then central pushing machine transmit the bag to the shaking device for filling. Finally, central pushing machine sends that to final station for healing. Packing system is equipped with a important PLC device for control.

1200 bags/h can be achieved according to packing size and material.

The packing size of this machine is W545mm L800mm
The packing speed is 10 bags/m


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